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Old Pioneer Trail - Mark Kerr

Past the Shivwits on the side of that steep black hill

Runs a path that was built with strong courage and will

Of red clay and heavy laid stones that all tell a tale

To the rugged road they called the old Pioneer trail

And down that rough hill runs the Santa Clara creek

In the thick willows and by the water they seek

Stands a small plank cabin, weathered, worn and old

Filled with stories and dreams and most yet untold

Of passersby on that old Pioneer Trail

And the hopes they carried like unopened mail

Or gifts from better times like unanswered dreams

That were lost in time that become real it seems

Folks searching for meadows they held in their minds

Through one more canyon and a homestead to find

Their lives like dim shadows that change with the day

And only the few would find strength to make their way

With a strong bold faith – they made their stand

A tribute to the folks that tamed this hard land

With work worn hands and a clear vision to prevail

The spirit of those that walked the old Pioneer Trail

© Mark C. Kerr 2010

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