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About Mark Kerr

Mark Kerr recorded and published his first music in 1970 and bypassed a career in music to focus on business and raise a family. He retired from his corporate job in 2017 to spend time writing, recording and playing western music and poetry. Mark still actively manages Kerr Homestead Farm in North Dakota. A fourth generation horseman and land owner, he understands the challenges of the rural way of life and protecting that culture. Mark is also known as a nationally recognized horse judge (retired) in several disciplines and breeds. 

A songwriter since his school days, Mark started writing cowboy poetry in 2007 and is greatly influenced by the outstanding cowboy poets of Utah and Arizona, as well as the rich western history of the area. Mark & his wife, Janelle reside in So. Utah, close to Zion NP.

From Event Directors:

"Mark Kerr is a "lyrical miracle" in the cowboy poetry world. His beautifully descriptive verse always weaves a marvelous tale, and his wonderful style of delivery hints of his songwriting background."

Linda Faas, President - Virgin Valley Artists Assn.

"Mark adds such a professional dimension and is loved by the audience, due to his sincere presentations. It was an honor to work with Mark & I wish him well in his coming endeavors."

A. B. Waite, Director, Mesquite Cowboy Hootenanny, Mesquite, NV 

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